SCD — Phase 3

I’m feeling more liberated on phase 3. I have missed my beans, and am glad to add them back into my diet. I am also excited to add nut flours and begin experimenting with grain-free baking. My upcoming trip home to Texas has aligned well with where I am in my SCD journey. I will be eating more foods, and will be able to experiment with eating out (for the first time in 3 weeks) while traveling.

In addition to the Intro and Phase 1+2 foods, I am now adding:

  • Meat/protein: Bacon, prepared sausage, lunch meats (without sugar, nitrates/nitrates, added hormones, or SCD illegal ingredients); lentils, lima beans, white navy beans, split peas, black beans, kidney beans, chunky nut butters. Limit intake of fatty and processed meats.
  • Fruit: Nectarine, plum, citrus, papaya, melon, cherry, fig, kiwi, kumquat, mango, passion fruit, rhubarb, berries, date, rehydrated dried fruits
  • Vegetable: Celeriac, Chinese cabbage, eggplant, swiss chard, hot peppers, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, beet, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, collard greens, kale, olive, onion, dill pickle, bok choy, celery, leek
  • Other: Nut flours (pecan, coconut, walnut, macadamia, blanched almond + hazelnut), bean/lentil flour can be used sparingly if presoaked, baking soda, SCD legal baked goods

As with the other phases, I purchased my foods while still on phase 2 so I could prep and be ready for phase 3.

Sample Phase 3 Menu:

  • Breakfast (not pictured):
    • Egg, bell pepper, onion, and homemade turkey sausage scramble
    • yogurt
  • Lunch:
    • Open-faced sandwich on grain-free bread: Tuna salad with homemade mayo, spinach, cheddar cheese; melon

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Tips for you to consider: 1. Grain free baked goods are very rich in calories; eat them according to your weight (gain or loss) goals. Experiment with different recipes and cookbooks. I found some grain-free baking very delightful, and other recipes not so … delightful. 2. When eating out, clarify all ingredients before ordering. I ordered chicken “tacos” without the tortilla and a side of beans. When I got my order, I learned the beans were pinto (not allowed!). 3. When traveling on SCD, always carry a non-perishable item (my favorites were individual packs of nut butters and/or fresh fruit, like apples or bananas) to  prevent having to resort to an “illegal” food on-the-go, and to curb appetite until you’re able to sit down to a nice SCD meal. 4. I can’t stress enough how much better batch cooking made my life. Do it if you can.


After a few days, or when you feel comfortable (listen to your body!), move on to phase 4.

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