SCD — Phase 2

My weight has stabilized, I am eating more foods, and I’m feeling great. Winter squash is a big staple in my kitchen. I cook up a big batch on Sunday and keep it in a container in my fridge, scooping a heap into my lunch containers or into a bowl to add to my dinners. It’s more satisfying than I remember, super easy to cook, and packed with vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and magnesium. Including squash, dark leafy greens, and yogurt/cheese is helping me balance my diet while avoiding grains and milk.

On to Phase 2!

In addition to the Intro and Phase 1 foods, I am now adding:

  • Meat/protein: Low lactose SCD legal cheese, creamy nut butters
  • Fruit: peach, pineapple, plum, tomato, apricot, avocado, fruits canned in own juice
  • Vegetable: garlic, asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, artichoke, cucumber, bell peppers, lettuce
  • Other: Vinegar (cider or white), mustard, homemade mayo ingredients (lemon, dry mustard powder, egg, oil)

As with the other phases, I purchased my foods while still on phase 1 so I could prep and be ready for phase 2.


Sample Phase 2 Menu:

  • Breakfast (not pictured):
    • SCD legal yogurt sweetened with honey
    • pineapple
  • Lunch:
    • Stir fry with: ground meat, garlic, bell peppers, mushrooms, green beans
    • spinach
  • Dinner:
    • Entree: stuffed delicata squash (meat, farmer cheese, asparagus, garlic, farmer cheese)
    • Dessert: banana, almond butter, honey, cocoa butter shavings (super high in saturated fat, but a little goes a long way!)

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  • Tips for you to consider: 1. Unless you are including a high calcium food (yogurt, low lactose cheese) at each meal, you probably aren’t getting enough to maintain strong bones and may need to supplement — talk to your MD or dietitian about this. Once you’re able to add in other high calcium foods (collard greens, mustard greens) you should be able to cut back on supplementation. 2. Regularly pick lean proteins (chicken breast, egg whites, turkey breast) and cook with vegetable oils (grapeseed oil, olive oil) instead of butter or coconut oil to help maintain a healthy heart.

After a few days, or when you feel comfortable (listen to your body!), move on to phase 3.

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